The Sleep-Powered Wellness Workbook

A Guided Journey to Better Sleep
Angela Hobbs

“I think “˜The Sleep-Powered Workbook” is wonderful. I especially love the workbook format. It sheds light on some of the deepest root causes of interrupted sleep that are often not addressed in other publications. Angela discusses the impact of hormonal rhythms, chemicals and electronic signals to allow for a more holistic examination of your own sleep patterns. But the Sleep-Powered Workbook goes further than other books, as it helps you to create a thorough, customized sleep plan to improve even the trickiest case of insomnia.” Dr. Julie Durnan, ND

“5 stars! This is the best that I have ever read on sleep. Angela Hobbs presents an insightful, low-cost and non-invasive approach to achieving better sleep. This workbook would be a valuable addition to most sleep programs.” Dr. Jonn Matsen ND

Publisher:   Bold World Books
ISBN: 978-0-9868528-3-1
Format: 11 x 8½ Paperback Comb-bound
Pages: 48
Publication Date: March 2012
Shipping Weight: 270 grams
Price: $24.95 CAD
Buy Now: Sold Out!. 2nd edition coming soon.
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