Sleep-Powered Wellness Workbook Reviews and Endorsements

“I would highly recommend this sleep workbook to my patients or anyone suffering with insomnia. It is a natural way of addressing sleep issues, acute or chronic, without using highly addictive and sedating drugs. Angela Hobbs has done an excellent job of addressing all factors that can affect sleep: physiological, environmental, stress, diet, and more.” Dr. Rabia K Meghji ND

“This workbook is a concise and practical guide to creating a wholesome and healing sleep environment.  Engaging graphics and clear action steps take the reader through a comprehensive program for management of the stressors in your personal spaces.   No medications I could prescribe can have the impact on your health of restorative sleep in a safe, calm home.” Dr. Neil McKinney, BSc, ND  Professor & author of Naturopathic Oncology and Naturally There’s Always a Way

“Very comprehensive!  This book outlines an easy step-by-step guide to optimizing your sleep environment and restoring healthy sleep patterns.  Follow these recommendations and your sleep quality will improve dramatically.  Even better, you’ll also notice less pain, less inflammation, less stress and you’ll reduce your risk for a whole host of chronic diseases!!  Healthy guidelines to live by.”Dr. Tamara Eriksen ND

“I think ‘The Sleep-Powered Workbook’ is wonderful. I especially love the workbook format. It sheds light on some of the deepest root causes of interrupted sleep that are often not addressed in other publications.  Angela discusses the impact of hormonal rhythms, chemicals and electronic signals to allow for a more holistic examination of your own sleep patterns.  But the Sleep-Powered Workbook goes further than other books, as it helps you to create a thorough, customized sleep plan to improve even the trickiest case of insomnia.” Dr. Julie Durnan, ND

“5 stars! This is the best that I have ever read on sleep. Angela Hobbs presents an insightful, low-cost and non-invasive approach to achieving better sleep. This workbook would be a valuable addition to most sleep programs.”Dr. Jonn Matsen ND

“The Sleep-Powered Wellness workbook is clear, motivating and practical, a gem in the differential diagnosis of insomnia. A must have for any practitioner treating cases of sleep disturbance.” Dr. Erika Kneeland, ND

“The Sleep-Powered Wellness Workbook by Angela Hobbs is an excellent resource for those struggling with insomnia. It provides a comprehensive list of critical factors to consider when examining and optimizing your living space for a higher quality of undisturbed sleep. A must read for all!” Dr. Briana Sinatra, ND

“I would highly recommend this book to all my patients and especially to my sleep-deprived ones. There is a lot of great, practical information that Angela has so brilliantly put together in this concise and easy to follow sleep workbook.” Dr. Gabriela Schemel, ND

“This book is by far one of the most important books I have read that helps to address sleep issues by focussing on the real problems and offering usable solutions.  Dietary changes or supplements, light and noise therapies or meditation, acupuncture, chiropractics and all the rest of these techniques are only useful when people are in the “right place” to sleep (and at the right time!).  To get to this place can require employing many tools from one’s tool-kit, and naturally various tools work best for various people.
This workbook is a step-by-step guide through the physiology of sleep, followed by a checklist for a sleep-focused bedroom, and subtle (and not-so-subtle) tips on how to promote sleep by listening to your body, identifying missing cues for sleep, and a fill-in-the-blank plan to get patients back on track.
As a practitioner who is often using therapies to promote restful, health-promoting, good-quality sleep and helping patients to identify their own pitfalls (not to mention my own at times!), I feel this is a book that can help keep the focus on the most important issues for each patient and can be used by both doctors/therapists, and patients alike.
Sleep is one of the most fundamental pillars of health and for anyone who has difficulty at times getting adequate rest, and feeling refreshed every morning I highly recommend this workbook!” M.J. Atkins, ND

“The Sleep-Powered Wellness book is an exceptionally effective tool for anyone who suffers with insomnia or who is interested in optimizing their health by maximizing the restorative benefits of a good night’s sleep.  Angela Hobbs clearly illustrates all the obstacles contributing to insomnia and provides a step-by-step guide including simple solutions for achieving a restful, healing sleep.” Dr. Julie Moore, ND

“Millions of people, both young and old, suffer from poor quality, non-restorative sleep.  Many, resort to pharmacological agents, which invariably do not address the true causes of their insomnia.  Angela Hobbs, in her Sleep-Powered Wellness Workbook, has simply yet concisely, laid out tools for any individual with sleep issues, to better understand why their sleep may be disturbed and how to remedy it. From factors such as diet, exercise and home environment, to light, electromagnetism and building biology, Angela lays out the necessary information for any self responsible individual, to significantly improve one’s sleep quality.  This is a must read for anyone who wishes to sleep better and ultimately, have better overall health.” Dr. Garrett G. Swetlikoff, ND

“I have never read anything like The Sleep-Powered Wellness Workbook: A Guided Journey to Better Sleep.  Angela Hobbs did an excellent job creating an extremely practical manual to aid in improving sleep, with everything you need in one comprehensive source.  Her workbook is fun and engaging, providing an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to restructuring your lifestyle by taking into account your body’s own natural production of melatonin and cortisol, the main hormones involved in sleep/wake cycles.  What often goes unaddressed in many insomnia books is the frightening emergence of electromagnetic radiation and heightened chemical exposure, both of which Angela nicely addresses, creating a truly holistic guide to better sleep.  I highly recommend The Sleep-Powered Wellness Workbook for anyone struggling with sleep difficulties.” Dr. Sacha Elliott, ND

“… an excellent reference tool that will allow insomniacs to develop a healthy sleep cycle.  I highly recommend it!”Dr. Loren Kozak ND

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