About Us

A Red Deer Based Publishing Company

Bold World Books is an exciting young Canadian publisher with a twist. Based in Red Deer, Alberta, we help experts from all walks of life become published authors. We provide them with a ‘Bigger, Better, Business Card’ by giving their valuable knowledge credibibility as a well-presented, professionally published book.

Few publishers understand the needs of the independent professional where a book is as much a business card as a repository of knowledge. As authors we learned that the hard way, which is why we created Bold World Book to help them get their projects out there. Once we have selected an author to invest in, we support them throughout their creative process. We guide their project, provide insights into needs and expectations of bookseller and readers and lead them through each step until they have a finished book in their hand.

BWB was established by Lawrence and Angela Hobbs as a division of Chinook Solutions – a successful management consulting firm they established in 1999. Lawrence and Angela, themselves published writers, know the challenges, frustrations and time demands experts face in trying to become authors and get their work ‘out there’. To reduce their pain, and streamline the process from concept to publication, they’ve now expanded their firm’s capabilities to leverage highly skilled professional editors, and graphics designers, as well as IT experts and the very best of Canada’s printing houses and wholesalers.

Whether you are a reader, author, bookseller, reviewer or supply chain participant, come; join us on our journey towards a Bold World.

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