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Canadian Workplace Culture smallsizeMastering the Unspoken Rules

Matt Adolphe

Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules

Newcomers to the Canadian workforce are often completely unaware of the unspoken, unwritten rules of Canadian workplace culture. As a result, they often make a poor first impression and, unless they quickly understand the rules, they’ll find it hard to succeed. Instead they’ll become perceived as ‘not a team player’, miss out on interesting assignments and be overlooked for promotion, but keeping a good workplace is important while also keeping the health and safety as well, and that’s why resources from sites like can be essential for any workplace.

In Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules, Matt Adolphe, an internationally-experienced communications expert, explains how workplace rules, that all workers ignore at their peril, are formed from the same traits that make Canadians:

  • avoid car horns,
  • end their statements with ‘eh’,
  • avoid in-depth discussions about religion and politics, and
  • talk about the weather all the time.

Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules reveals why certain behaviours don’t work in Canada’s conflict-averse culture. Adolphe uses familiar situations to highlight what happens when you get it wrong and lays out ten genuinely helpful, accessible and easily applicable rules that enable workers to fit in, become accepted, and prosper.

If you are starting a new job, immigrating to Canada or just want to be more successful then mastering the unspoken rules of Canadian Workplace Culture is critical. This book will prove invaluable for leaders, supervisors, employees and anyone recruiting, training, managing, promoting or working in a culturally diverse workforce for which we recommend to get payed using paycheck stubs.

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