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Matt Adolphe M.A.
Matt Adolphe is an instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). He holds B.A. in Indigenous Studies and History from Laurentian University and an M.A. in Communication Management from the University of South Australia. He has been teaching English, History, Culture and Communication for over 15 years in Korea, Japan, Macao and Canada.

Matt is an experienced course designer who has developed communication courses for immigrants and job seekers eager for success. He teaches a variety of professional courses in the Oil and Gas industry and education sector, typically focused on building strong communication skills in the workplace.

Matt Adolphe comes from a long line in Canadian ancestry. He is a direct descendent of the earliest French explorers in Canada and has a deep connection with the Métis of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He is a founding member of the Métis Nation of Ontario. Matt has travelled widely living and working in Korea, Ontario, Japan, and Macao.Beyond teaching, his professional life has been punctuated with experiences as a political organizer, volunteer, career coach, consultant, actor, writer, radio DJ, studio musician, speech writer, and media presenter.

His goal with ‘Canadian Workplace Culture’ is to voice the hidden rules so that they don’t impede the success of newcomers to the workplace.

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Judith Moore von Sicard MRE
Judith Moore von Sicard is a Canadian from St. John’s Newfoundland who spent her adult years working as a United Church of Canada missionary. She’s a graduate of Memorial University, with a teaching certificate from Boston University. Her preparation for mission work was completed at the University of Toronto. She received her Master’s in Religious Education (MRE) at the Hartford Seminary Foundation, Connecticut, U.S.A.

After marrying a Lutheran missionary, Judith raised three children in a changing landscape coloured by the plight of refugees in Cairo, the strength of community in tribal Tanzania, the formalities of Swedish family life, and the conservative tendencies of England. “Beyond the Narrows: Cultural Observations from My Missionary Life” reveals how in each new environment she observes and listens before finding her place as a mentor, teacher, thesis editor, daughter-in-law, missionary wife and finally a teacher of English as a Second Language to immigrants from the communities she’s served.

Now in an active retirement, Judith splits her time between Birmingham, England and Bridgton, Maine where she enjoys the company of her husband, children and grandchildren. Beyond the Narrows is her second book.

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Angela Hobbs M.Ed.
Angela received her degrees in the UK before moving to Canada. Today Angela works as an educator and management consultant in Alberta, where she loves swimming, hiking the Rockies, baking, reading, and catching up with her sons.

She learned the hard away about the health impact a building can have. After discovering how simple and inexpensive recovery can be she’s worked tirelessly to share her knowledge through corporate workshops, public presentations, individualized assessments, and her books and articles.

Angela’s current titles include: ‘The Sick House Survival Guide’, ‘Sleep-Powered Wellness’, ‘The Sleep-Powered Wellness Workbook’, and ‘The Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Workbook’.

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Lawrence Hobbs CMC PMP
Lawrence hails from the United Kingdom and lived in Germany, Quebec, Ontario and the U.S before finally settling in Alberta. His book leverages this wealth of international cultural and business experience to deliver a plan for creating clarity, alignment, and focus in even the most troubled organization. His flexible, scalable, techniques have helped countless leaders translate their visions into results in many different types of businesses.

He co-founded Chinook Solutions, a strategy and management consultancy, in 1999, published his first book, Strategic DNA: Bringing Business Strategy to Life, in 2008, and is presently editing a series of business workbooks that will offer a question and answer approach to some of the most important decisions and assessments organizations face.

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