Beyond the Narrows

Cultural Reflections from My Missionary Life
By Judith Moore von Sicard

After leaving St. John’s, Newfoundland, Judith, a United Church missionary, finds herself passing through many new, exciting, and very different cultures. Through her eyes, and occasionally the eyes of her children, this inspirational book helps us see that there are many right ways of doing the same thing, God’s love prevails in the most unusual places and circumstances, and that  lions actually do climb trees…and staircases!


Canadian Workplace Culture

Mastering the Unspoken Rules
By Matt Adolphe

Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules reveals why certain behaviours don’t work in Canada’s conflict-averse workplace culture. Matt Adolphe uses familiar situations to highlight what happens when you get it wrong and lays out ten genuinely helpful, accessible and easily applicable rules that enable workers to fit in, become accepted and prosper.


Sleep-Powered Wellness

Better Bedrooms for Turbocharged Zzz’s
By Angela Hobbs

“All I can say is RUN, DON’T WALK to get this book!”

In ‘Sleep-Powered Wellness’, Angela Hobbs explains why our increasingly safe, luxurious bedrooms are so difficult to sleep in. What is it about all those wireless and electrical devices, all those synthetic furnishings and personal care products, all that light and noise that’s turning 40% of adults into insomniacs? Why are our bedrooms making us sick?


Strategic DNA

Bringing Business Strategy to Life
By Lawrence Hobbs

“This book covers much more ground than most strategy books because it tells you how to execute with project plans once you’ve carved out the strategy…90% of success lies with execution.”

Kellie Garrett, Senior VP, Strategy, Farm Credit Canada


The Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Workbook

A Guided Journey to Feeling Better
By Angela Hobbs

A unique workbook that takes people struggling with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity through a ‘groundbreaking’ approach to healing from this poorly understood condition.


The Sick House Survival Guide

Simple Steps to Healthier Homes
By Angela Hobbs

In ‘The Sick House Survival Guide’ Angela Hobbs tells her story of recovery after a renovated house stole her ability to complete thoughts, finish sentences and even stand up. All that in six short weeks. It took far longer to work out the causes and get better. This is that story.


The Sleep-Powered Wellness Workbook

A Guided Journey to Better Sleep
By Angela Hobbs

Today’s bedrooms are designed to satisfy the intellect, not the body. Since the two don’t see eye to eye that means there’s stuff in the bedroom that looks great but that the body finds threatening. In that threatened state it can’t relax, and it certainly can’t sleep. This workbook will reveal your bedroom from your body’s perspective and clue you into its contribution to your sleep issues.

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