IELTS Writing

IELTS Writing Practice Workbook: Improve your Basic Tense Structures & Vocabulary

Angela Hobbs

This IELTS writing practice workbook is intended for studnets preparaing for a level 5 IELTS bandscore.

It contains two texts to help you practice the active and passive voice of each basic tense. For each exercise you:

*  read a complete text
*  underline the basic tense structure in the complete text
*  fill in the gaps with the appropriate basic tense structure
*  check your basic tense structure against your underlined structures.
*  think about the reason for the error you have made

This IELTS writing practice workbook was designed to help students preparing for an IELTS 5 bandscore. Most of these students need help improving their tense accuracy for the basic tenses and building a strong vocabulary. It was designed to strengthen each student’s use of the active and passive voice in each tense.

As you complete your IELTS preparation, this IELTS writing practice workbook will also help you improve your active and passive present, past and future tense accuracy, and strengthen your vocabulary with words related to: transportation, everyday situations, food, education, entertainment, recreation, shopping, people, places, art, clothes, computers, etc.



Publisher:  Bold World Books
Format:11 x 8½ Paperback Spiral-Bound
Publication Date:April 2019
Shipping Weight:260 grams
Price:$29.95 CAD
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