Beyond the Narrows Reviews and Endorsements

“A beautiful tale of an inspired and inspiring life. As Judith Moore von Sicard travelled Beyond the Narrows, her life was changed as she helped to change the lives of those she encountered.”

Heather Sandford, Conference Personnel Minister, Newfoundland and Labrador Conference, United Church of Canada

“A delightful memoir filled with stories that amuse, inspire, inform, challenge and enlarge one’s understanding of what being a missionary is all about. With skill and sensitivity we are transported on journeys through Egypt, East Africa, Sweden and England, each time entering into the lives of people who have come to and live their Christian faith in distinct and often multi-faith settings. Based on Judith’s family experiences, it’s ideal for educators wanting to teach people how to learn from, live and even thrive in cultures different from their own.”

Professor Harold Vogelaar, former director, centre of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice and professor of World Religions and Interfaith Dialogue, emeritus, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

“From Newfoundland to Africa, Scandinavia and Europe Judith Moore takes us on a beguiling intercultural journey In her book “Beyond the Narrows: Cultural Reflections on My Missionary Life”. With her roots in The United Church of Canada Judith truly reflects our church’s commitment to building right relationships between peoples. From the springboard of a United Church of Canada missionary appointment came an extraordinary life and work.”

Pat Elson, Program Coordinator, Church in Partnership Cluster, Church in Mission Unit, United Church of Canada


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