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“I wish I had read Canadian Workplace Culture 10 years ago when I landed in Halifax.”

Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules has stimulated great conversations around how our polite and indirect approach here in Canada, especially with immigrant employees, often creates misunderstandings and frustration.

Matt’s book has a dual purpose. First, it alerts those in leadership roles to pay attention on how to they set expectations for their people. Second, it is succinct guide book for those new to Canada with tips on how to navigate our workplace culture for positive results. I provided copies to several employees who are recent immigrants to Canada and asked for their feedback. All their responses were universally very positive. One even finished his critique of the book with the following endorsement : “I wish I had read the book 10 years ago when I landed in Halifax.””

June Read, Director for the NextGen Program
Pacific Western Transportation

“I recommend distributing it to anyone planning to settle in this country at all ports of entry.”

“Don’t be fooled by the modest size of the book entitled “Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules” by Matt Adolphe. It is a powerhouse of useful explanations and practical tips for anyone integrating into the Canadian workplace. Discussing things nobody dares to ask or to address, Adolphe tackles even the most perplexing issues and apparent contradictions.

I recommend handing this book out at embassies and consulates abroad and distributing it to anyone planning to settle in this country at all ports of entry.”

Esther Schvan
Certified Professional Facilitator, Career Transition Coach, Trainer and Speaker

“Sure to assist anyone trying to adapt to the unspoken rules in the Canadian workplace”

“Adolphe sets the stage for a win-win for Canadian employers and the talented individuals from other cultures seeking to fit in and succeed. It’s sure to assist anyone trying to adapt to the unspoken workplace rules.”

Sharilee Fossum, Chief Financial Officer
Northlands, Edmonton

“Very insightful…a great resource for developing skills to be a good leader.”

“After 40 years in Human Resources I found the ten unspoken rules very insightful. All professionals and their colleagues can benefit from these rules for success in the workplace and for that matter in life generally. Very positive and a great resource for developing skills to be a good leader.”

Karen Egan, Vice President, Human Resources & Learning and Development
Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

“Canadian Workplace Culture is an eye-opening read.”

Great self reflection for new Canadians looking to move ahead in the workplace, but also for professional workers who are responsible to attract, integrate and retain foreign workers.

I am a 12 year HR industry professional, who can clearly learn a thing or two about Canadian Workplace Culture.

Jason Nichols CHRP
HR Advisor, TERA Environmental Consultants

“…of particular benefit to those in the workplace who are struggling to get ahead and anyone who finds it a challenge to ‘fit in’.”

“… those entering the Canadian workplace for the first time including students and new arrivals to Canada,…especially those with a personality preference or cultural style that emphasizes independence and/or individuality.”

“If you are seeking to blend into the Canadian workplace you will find this a useful step-by-step guide. If you are not seeking to ‘blend in’ because you want to ‘stand-out’ this book will also offer you valuable information on how to successfully build relationships through observation, understanding and adaptation that can ultimately position you to succeed and ‘stand out’ in the long run. ”

Tara Orchard M.A.
Career and Workplace Performance Coach, Career-Coach Canada
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“Thoughtful, Practical, Insightful, Brilliant! “

“Matt Adolphe captures the heart of our culture with a resource for new and established Canadians who will enjoy seeing what makes up our unique workplaces. Every new worker and Human Resources department should have this book.”

Diane Blair, author of the Personality Spectrum Resource Guide
Principal, Westcreek Resources Inc.

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