Sleep Powered Wellness Reviews and Endorsements

“5 Stars – Getting to the Root Cause of So Many Illnesses…”

“Years ago I had a physician who used to harp on the importance of sleep. I used to wish he would get onto the topic at hand (the symptoms which brought me to seek his help) which I assumed had nothing to do with sleep. Now that I am a few decades older (and wiser after reading Angela Hobbs’ wonderful book), I realize just how right he was to accentuate the importance of getting adequate rest as the first line of defence in overcoming any illness.

SLEEP POWERED WELLNESS is, in my humble opinion, one of the most important health books I have ever read. I have read hundreds of health-related books but Angela’s book stands out among them because it connected so many dots for me. Suddenly many unsolved mysteries that had eluded me made perfect sense and I had many AHA moments of clarity.

Following Angela’s suggestions, I began experimenting with turning off all the electrical power in my home at night to see if I would feel any difference. I immediately began sleeping a full hour longer every night but more significantly the quality of my sleep improved leading to feeling much better during the day. Of course it was impractical to continue shutting off all the power at bedtime (not to mention the objections of my kids and husband to toting around flashlights) but this little experiment convinced me to pay closer attention to my immediate sleeping environment. Making my bedroom more conducive to an optimal night’s sleep has paid huge dividends and been more than rewarding.

The information and suggestions contained in SLEEP-POWERED WELLNESS are potentially life-transforming. All I can say is RUN, DON’T WALK to get this book!”

Cherylin (Amazon reviewer)

“According to the Center for Disease Control, millions of Americans do not get enough sleep. This book will help many who have already tried all the obvious methods to discover more ways to improve the possibility of a great night’s sleep.”

Christine Canfield, ForeWord Reviews. Click to read the full review at Foreword Reviews magazine

“This is a great book about how we unwittingly shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to getting good sleep!”

Rachel Morehouse MD FRCPC FAASM
Medical Director, Atlantic Sleep Centre, Horizon Health Network
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University & Memorial University of NFLD.

“Angela Hobbs has done it again! Sleep is essential for all of us, and her lucid discussion of factors that can interfere with a good sleep, as well as what can be done to correct the problems, is both easy to read and important information for everyone.”

David O. Carpenter, M.D.
Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, University at Albany, New York

“… an invaluable contribution to the health and wellness field. With the escalating pandemic of sleep disorders, many become ensnared by risky long-term medication use to camouflage the problem of troubled sleep. In this wonderful book, the author explores and discusses unrecognized causes and factors contributing to sleep problems. The book is practical, well-written, interesting and provides concrete recommendations for those who are chronically fatigued and debilitated by the challenge of impaired sleep. Through the use of case reports, Angela systematically describes how to identify major contributors to sleep problems and proposes practical and effective solutions. I look forward to recommending this important book to my patients. ”

Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta

“What a treat to read this extraordinary book! The quality of our sleep is tantamount to the success of our lives – that is a certainty. I live in a world where I speak about the importance of balance, quality sleep, healthy hormones and other wellness principles all day long. In these daily interactions, I see the frustration or even complete ignorance of the general populace when it comes to the health interruptions they encounter daily. Whether chemical assaults, hormone hinderers, poor quality water or even light pollution, most of us are in the dark about the effects on our health. Leave it to a gifted author like Angela Hobbs to bring us into the light. Her latest literary offering is a comprehensive guide on what is making you tired and keeping you awake at night. Not your average book on getting more sleep, this guide will take you to places that will surprise you. She includes lots of opportunity for you to learn new skills for balance and healthy sleep. Entertaining, easy to read, well researched – I learned so much from this book and I know you will too. This book has earned a permanent spot on my office bookshelf. Simply put, an extraordinary book that I am grateful to have read.”

Dr. Fiona Lovely B.A. (Adv.), D.C.
Chiropractor, Educator, Women’s Health Specialist & Advocate

“It is no exaggeration to say that for every human being, a good night’s sleep is essential for life and health. To be able to stay awake and to function optimally, one has to have the highest possible quality of one’s sleep. Most people spend most of their night time in bedrooms, and Angela Hobbs, the author of the new book “Sleep-Powered Wellness – Better Bedrooms for Turbocharged Zzzz’s” rightfully spends most of her book inside our bedrooms.
It is a fact that more and more people, and especially our young ones, are having severe problems with their sleep, both regarding its depth, quality and length. In Sweden, where I work as a neuroscientist at the prestigious Karolinska Institute, well-known for its Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, more than 1/3 of the entire population has such serious problems, and the percentage seems to increase year-by-year. In other countries the problem is similar, or even worse.
You do not need to agree with all the things that Angela Hobbs says, the book still will give you a lot of food for thought; especially the parts pointing at very simple, easy and cheap suggestions for quick alterations. You may not be able to rid yourself of a lousy boss from one day to another, but you can easily change your bedroom into one that will furnish you with much better conditions to momentarily arrive at the “third pillar of wellness” as Angela Hobbs so elegantly refocus our thinking. Maybe, however, she would have put it as the “first pillar”; you do realize it’s enormous importance for your health and your social relationships after you have read this truly thought-provoking, suggestive and mindboggling book.
I strongly recommend it for reading. Now! Before you go to bed tonight.

Olle Johansson, Professor,
The Royal Institute of Technology and The Karolinska Institute, Sweden

“Excellent book a must read for health professionals and the public!”

Kelly Blackshaw,
Kinesiologist, Business Development Leader, INLIV,
Member of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame


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