Strategic DNA Reviews and Endorsements

“This is a brilliant achievement.”
Robert Morris, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer (Click to read the full review)

“We really liked the way the book covers its subject territory from end to end in a systematic progression…very thorough, very practical, and very useful in the real world of executive management.”
Max Wideman, Expert Project Management, (Click to read the full review)

“Strategic DNA helps readers build the vital connections their business needs to bring its strategy to life. Author Lawrence Hobbs explains how to unite managerial activities and focus strategies for maximum effect using alignment-building methods that retain the discipline needed to stay on course. Crammed full of insights and tricks of the trade, Strategic DNA is an invaluable guide to making management investments pay off in a strategy that works–and keeps working.”
CMA Management Magazine

“…an incredibly valuable book. It is so outstanding that I plan on actively promoting it as a ‘must read’ for my students. It addresses many of the same points I do in the project portfolio management module in my PM-MBA program, but in a far superior way, I must say.”
     Gary R. Heerkens, PEng, MBA, President, Management Solutions Group, Inc.
& author of Project Management: 24 Steps to Help You Master Any Project

Strategic DNA is a must read book for any small, medium or large enterprise that really wants to achieve results. In this way we grew our revenues 300% in three years!
   Susan J. Lea, MD, CEO and Medical Director, Foothills Health Consultants Ltd.

“Strategic DNA has proven to be a major breakthrough in addressing strategic planning in our organisation. It is an insightful and helpful process, which has enabled our Executive team to address our future in a meaningful and comprehensive fashion.”
     Gary Wilkinson, Vice President, Corporate Planning, SaskPower Corporation

“This book covers much more ground than most strategy books because it tells you how to execute with project plans once you’ve carved out the strategy.  Many businesspeople don’t get that 90% of success lies with execution.”
Kellie Garrett, ABC, MA Leadership, Senior VP, Strategy, Knowledge & Reputation, Farm Credit Canada

“I read Strategic DNA on the weekend and felt compelled to congratulate you on such a comprehensive, cogent and practical guide to strategy formulation and implementation. I also thank you for such a useful work, as it will assist me greatly in framing my own thinking around these issues.”
Peter Gwizdalla, Chandler Macleod, Brisbane, Australia

“Many Balanced Scorecard projects seem to grind to a halt once the scorecard has been built. Benefits only come after you actually start using the scorecard systematically. The Strategic DNA approach addresses all issues that are commonly overlooked and integrates them in a way that ensures that your Strategy…gets under way immediately. It is the only approach that I have seen that integrates, coherently and exhaustively, the Balanced Scorecard methodology with Project Management theory. Anyone frustrated by lack of progress in their scorecard implementations should find Strategic DNA very helpful.”
     Manuel Reta-Fernandez, MBA; former Strategy Management Officer for GNP Insurance
(a BSC Hall of Fame Organization)

“I needed something more than the generic courses and books I have been finding.  HALLELUJAH! YOU DID IT!!! ”

     Susan Boulter, Chief Operating Officer, Manitoba Materials Distribution Agency

“We have worked with Lawrence and reading Strategic DNA was like going through our entire business plan development all over again.  I found it to be a practical, self guided, user friendly book that anyone can use many different ways; you can focus on one area only or build an entire Strategy and Business Plan from scratch.  I particularly like the chapter structure…easy to follow and it made each piece of the strategy come to life for me. I had several Ahhh moments.”
     Kelly Blackshaw, Business Development Director, Foothills Health Consultants

Strategic DNA makes it easy to navigate the way through the world of strategic management.  The extremely complex system of defining, implementing, evaluating, sustaining, and recreating a successful strategy is simplified by following this comprehensive roadmap. Aptly named, the book allows managers to create the genetic basis for their firm and evaluate each strand of its DNA in a logical fashion. A must read for all managers wishing to better understand the multifaceted world of strategy. Strategic DNA is the strategy handbook that every executive needs in the bookshelf.”
Lori Rockett, PhD, Managing Director, Pan American Strategy Solutions

Strategic DNA does a wonderful job of knitting together the many steps required to go from vision and strategy though implementation gaining learnings along the way.  Of particular note is the cultural and leadership elements identified throughout the process.”

Barbara Theurkauf, Founder, Theurkauf Consulting

“Recommended. Strategy is the key to successful management, yet few practice it well enough to improve their organizations to the utmost. This book is invaluable to anyone looking to improve strategic focus and solve organizational challenges…”
     Walter Kurz, Director Organizational Development at World Vision Canada

Strategic DNA is the ultimate field guide for anyone at any stage of the strategy development and implementation process. Hobbs leads the reader through not only what must be done but, how to do it and how to resource it with the sole focus to drive successful implementation of the strategy. Strategic DNA should be at the right hand of all business leaders accountable for leading the strategy process. Its approach is straight forward, weaves together core strategy tools and frameworks, and enables the business leader to ensure her organization is able to weave the strategy into the fabric, i.e. the DNA of the organization.”
Mark H. Friedman, Managing Partner, Real Time Strategy, LLC

“Strategy made Simple!!! Lawrence provides clarity to a concept often mis-understood and mis-applied.  A must read for anyone applying Strategy in the marketplace.”
Allen F Rupple, Managing Partner, RCG

Strategic DNA is a complete guide and a practical fieldbook for those leaders who wish to raise their company’s ability to successfully developing and executing a new strategic direction. It is also very useful for those companies who have already started the strategic journey but have somehow lost their way over time. This book will help leaders re-energize and refocus their organizations on what is critical as well as important to achieve their strategic goals. Lawrence provides the reader access to his deep experience on strategy development and project design and implementation in a very structured, easy to follow style.”
     Hal Rabbino, Director, Growing Edge Partners
     Co-author of Managing from Clarity: Identifying, Aligning and Leveraging Strategic Resources.

“Excellent executives already know that exceptional performance requires vision and alignment. But Lawrence Hobbs insightfully shows us why and how to achieve these in a real organization with real human nature. When created,Strategic DNA becomes a culture of actions and activities that produce operational brilliance.”
David L Snell, President & CEO, Ivrnet Inc.

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